Dahua Smart Pss (Mac OS x)

Dahua Smart Pss (Mac OS x)

Smart PSS (Smart Pro Surveillance System) — програмне забезпечення для віддаленого перегляду, управління, налаштування відеореєстраторів, IP відеокамер, домофонних систем, автономних хостів та інших пристроїв виробництва Dahua Technology.

Версія 2.03 від 03.12.2019 на Англійській мові, на базі версії 2.00.0 для Windows

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New Functions
1.  New functions page
a)  The New function page can replace homepage
b)  The New function page allows you to customize the order of function module is

2.  System Config
a)  Supports setup of the tab shown when the software boots up
b)  Support to set the default ratio of the video
c)  Support auto fill in user name and password, enable auto login when users add device
d)  Support system config backup and restoration
3.  Device Management
a)  Support to modify the IP address of the device automatically searched
4.  Preview
a)  Support fixed-dome camera link.
b)  Support remote channel talk with NVR, HCVR, etc.
5.  Playback
a)  New device video file list which support filtering video types
b)  Add local video, file list, support thumbnail, list switch display
c)  Picture play supports automatically play next, also supports full-screen play
d)  Support reverse play, single frame backward
e)  Search recording type Add the intelligent recording type
6.  Video Wall
a)  Brand new Video wall, compatible matrix, decoder, splicing controller
b)  Support a variety of open window method
c)  Support playback stream on the wall
d)  Support the window tour, plan tour
e)  Support NKB1000 control
7.  Tour Program
a)  Add a window tour function
b)  If it is a dome camera, it can be set to shift to specified preset point
c)  You can set the stream type for tour video
8.  Heat Map
a)  Support heat map data statistics (need front-end device support)
9. Device Config
a)  New device upgrade function
10. Access Control
a) Support access control
b) Support user management
c) Support event management
d) Support history log

Revised Function
1.  After first-time installation is complete and set the admin password, you can choose to log in automatically
2.  Smart track and fixed linkage is called master-slave tracking
3.  You can select a group when saving view
4. Split window can now be add to favorite, and only show the user's latest three
5. Manual snapshot is now directly saved, no need of user confirmation
6. PTZ control panel can now be put away, a user can call out as needed
7. When you delete a device in Device Management, you can now choose to keep its snapshot and video
8.;In playback in progress you can directly search device picture and play
9.For video cut now you need to set the start and end points
10. Timeline zoom is now centered on the current mouse position
11. When downloading video, you can be directly open the folder where video locates in the pop-up box.
12. Alarm management is now changed to "Event"
13. You can now add note, process, and record the personnel and time of the event. Once processed, the status cannot be changed
14. Open the associated video in the event to view its local recording, device recording, or live video
15. You can now disable the alarm sound and alarm pop-up in the event
16. The traffic statistics is now changed to "statistics" and supports searching the data on the NVR
17. The alarm config is now changed to "Event Settings"
18. Event settings now for the device, the channel create different types of event
19. Event settings now allow you to set whether to specify the alarm sound alarm, map flashes, and you can set the linkage of the pop-up.
20. Device config re-adjust the and classification, and now it is almost the same with device web config classification
21. For users without menu right now, the corresponding menu is no longer displayed after login
22. For users without channel right now, the corresponding channel is no longer displayed after login
23. Support SmartH.265 decoding

This version cannot be compatible with device program before intelligentization, if to use the intelligent alarm-related features, please upgrade the device program to the assorted version.

General_SmartPSS_ChnEng_Mac_IS_V2.03.0.R.20191203 — актуальна 64-х бітна версія програми

General_SmartPSS_Eng_Mac_IS_V2.03.0.T.20191129 — третя 64-х бітна БЕТА версія програми
General_SmartPSS_Eng_Mac_IS_V2.03.0.T.20191105 — друга 64-х бітна БЕТА версія програми
General_SmartPSS_Beta_Eng_Mac_IS_V2.03.0.T.20191021 — перша 64-х бітна БЕТА версія програми
DH_SmartPSS_Eng_Mac_IS_V2.00.0.R.20180507_CodeSign — архівна версія 32-х бітної програми
DH_SmartPSS_Eng_Mac_IS_V2.00.0.R.20170120_CodeSign — архівна версія 32-х бітної програми

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